Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

white rappers and working class people only

street cred

noun [U]

 UK   US   (also street credibility) UK
 a ​quality that makes you ​likely to be ​accepted by ​ordinaryyoung ​people who ​live in ​towns and ​cities because you have the same ​fashions, ​styles, ​interests, ​culture, or ​opinionsMany ​celebrities ​develop a ​working ​class ​accent to ​increase ​theirstreet ​credibility.He was the first ​person to really ​bring ​street ​cred to ​white ​rap.
adjective UK   US   /ˈstriːtˌkred.ɪ.bl̩/

i'm not sure how ordinary or young we are but stage one course is relatively set.  cross bike or mtb is best but any bike will do.  

two pm, shoffner's field by the city museum.  look for the people on bikes.

someone bring a stopwatch.