Friday, December 20, 2013

We're Baaaack!!

And sooner than expected.  We are doing things a little different this year.  3 stages, 3 months. Street Creds first stage is Saturday December 28th! Downtown Chopemups will test your mettle for the mean streets of KC.  Bring a phone or a camera. If you don't have a phone with a camera, i don't know what to say.  Prizes will be awarded for people who do good, people who do bad, people who look good, people who look funny and whatever else we can think of.  Meet at Grinders at 2pm and be ready to drink race. 
There will be boones, there will be peeps, there will be traffic, there will be girls? Sure hope so.
K.C.'s longest running alleykat is back!  

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your StreetCred Champion...

Stage 4 was a smashing success for streetcred.  7 hard men showed up for the fourth and final stage. The coveted chrome jersey was on the line and Adam Keck took the stage win and the overall victory by one point!  Stage 4 had the riders in search of a snow plow, a snow pile, and a snowman.  This stage took months of planning and, thankfully, the snow came.  Little kids snowmen were destroyed, fondled, rebuilt, and possibly urinated on.  Snow plow operators were chased down by crazed cyclists in search of a photo.  Fun was had, libations were consumed, and that's all that matters. 
Thanks for coming out, jerks.
fast bike

twenty thirteen street cred champion

thanks to our sponsors!
volker bicycles
tallgrass brewing

more pics to the right>

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Urban Cross Recap and Round 4

Urban Cross is arguably the bottom bitch of the Street Cred series.  The one everyone looks forward to, and for good reason.  For five years we have used the West Bottoms as our venue and it's just perfect for fast, fun and ridiculous course design.  Loading docks, piles of trash, tight alleyways..the list goes on.  It's a playground for the cyclist who doesn't mind the grime and the mayhem.

Lucky for us, the weather "cooperated" and shat on the KC metro area the night before, laying down ice and snow, making things a bit more interesting.  20-25 riders raced, most finished, some ate peeps, all had complimentary TallGrass beer.

Britton took the win on a fancy pants Focus 29er (and got first slag of the golden Boones), followed by Adam Keck in second, who would have probably caught the leader if not for an unfortunate washout in the grassy alleyway.  Scott took third and Zack took fourth on his borrowed 1x10 cross bike.

We truly enjoyed the planning that went into this race, as we do every year.  It's as fun to put the course together as it is to ride/race it.  Almost like a puzzle that has to slowly be assembled piece by piece, until you have something that resembles a cyclocross course.  Throw some tires down for barriers, lay down some cones, drag out some desks and BAM.  It's that easy.

Big thanks so far this season to our sponsors.  Taddihogg, Tallgrass and Urban Velo supplied all the prizes so far.  Tallgrass has also been very generous with the beers this season, so cheers to that!  Volker Bicycles has helped out as always, and we'd also like to welcome Kona Bikes to the sponsor roster.  Yeah!

Come win something neat at THE BURBS on this Saturday, February 23rd.  A checkpoint-style race that starts at The Broadway Cafe.  That's all you get right now.  Just in time for some nasty weather too!  Should be a slippery, cold, awful good time.  Put a wool sock on your ding dong if you have a ding dong.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I would say that went well.  Full half-assed report coming soon.

 photo Blog-Collage-1361115535077_zps5276c7eb.jpg

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Round 2 Recap and Urban Cross

Round 2 went swimmingly.  Six of the gnarliest hills in the Midtown/Downtown/SW Blvd area and all were crushed.  Some brought their carbon road bikes, some their track bikes, a few mountain bikes, and of course, due to the Biebermania that's sweeping through the cycling world, a god damn fat bike.  All did well, very few walked, no one went backwards.  Cheers all around!

Zack took the win on his Bianchi Super Pista with a very hill-unfriendly street gearing and did it with aplomb.  Honestly, there were a few hills where I doubted that he'd even be able to get UP the hill at all, let alone win the heat.  So kudos to you, sir, you earned the Taddihogg hat and the first slag off the Pink Boone's Farm.  And EVERYONE got a free coozie and some sweet stickers care of the dudes from Urban Velo.  Thanks to our sponsors, you guys are AOK.

We'll be posting up current scorings and standings soon.  You have 15 minutes to challenge these standings, and that 15 minutes are already up.  Deal with it, keeping track of this shit is hard work for idiots.

Enough with the hill bullshit!  This weekend is Urban Cross.  Want a recap on Urban Crosses of yesteryear?  Check out AK's blogpost about everything Street Cred, it does a fine job of recapping previous years.  Meeting point will be at the Macabre Cinema in the West Bottoms, and we'll group ride from their to the "course".

So see you sweethearts on Saturday.  When it will be 40 and sunny.  This "winter" series is a god damn lie!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sorry, We've been slacking

We at streetcred h.q. have been slacking lately, maybe its a cx worlds hangover but anyway, the fog is starting to lift and we should have our act together for Saturday's stage.  We only have to be there to show you what hill to go up while you have to go up said hill as fast as possible.  This is a hilly city, the possibilities are endless, and some of the hills are endless. Kids on fixies, bring your running shoes.
A big thank you to Michael Ellis for running stage 1 while the rest of us were drinking with belgians.
this guy won. he's out to get that chrome jersey this year, even if it is a little tight.
See you on Saturday KC, bring your fast legs and your strong livers, you'll need 'em both. 
Thanks to Tallgrass for supplying the much needed halycon wheat in the new pint can! And thanks to Volker bicycles and taddihogg for hosting and sponsoring. Full stage 1 recap soon. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scavengers, come out and play.....

Street Cred this Saturday, Saturday, Saturday at Volker Bicycles on 18th st, st, st.....
Come out and race the longest running alleykat in K.C. history, while all other alleykats have bitten the dust street cred keeps going strong, or at least it keeps going. We have another coveted chrome jersey for the OVERALL winner, if you want that bad boy, you've gotta show up and race all 4 stages. 
FREE BEER from TallGrass
how can you say no?

Friday, January 25, 2013

ROUND 1 - Scavengers - February 2nd

The first round of the Street Cred 2013 series is just around the corner and the weather is looking disgustingly pleasant, highs between 40 and 50, and sunny.  Lame!  You might be able to finish this race without a long, half-frozen stripe of mud water up your backside, and that bores us to tears.

Starting from Volker Bicycles at 18th and Wyandotte, this race will be a "scavenger hunt", for a lack of better terms.  There will be a 2 hour cutoff from start to finish, which should be doable for even novice riders.  Specific rules and bonus point opportunities will be announced at the start of the race.  Riders will need a pen/pencil to record info.  All types of bikes are welcome.  Helmets strongly encouraged, but you're an adult, so whatever.

Ride ends at Grinders Pizza for beers, food and hugs.  This race is FREE, as are all other Street Cred 2013 races.

Big ups to our sponsors for this series:  Taddihogg Ass Hats, Tallgrass Brewing Company, Volker Bicycles and Urban Velo.  This race would have totally happened without you, but would have been fucking terrible.

Ask questions if you have them and they aren't dumb.  See you February 2nd!