Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Urban Cross Recap and Round 4

Urban Cross is arguably the bottom bitch of the Street Cred series.  The one everyone looks forward to, and for good reason.  For five years we have used the West Bottoms as our venue and it's just perfect for fast, fun and ridiculous course design.  Loading docks, piles of trash, tight alleyways..the list goes on.  It's a playground for the cyclist who doesn't mind the grime and the mayhem.

Lucky for us, the weather "cooperated" and shat on the KC metro area the night before, laying down ice and snow, making things a bit more interesting.  20-25 riders raced, most finished, some ate peeps, all had complimentary TallGrass beer.

Britton took the win on a fancy pants Focus 29er (and got first slag of the golden Boones), followed by Adam Keck in second, who would have probably caught the leader if not for an unfortunate washout in the grassy alleyway.  Scott took third and Zack took fourth on his borrowed 1x10 cross bike.

We truly enjoyed the planning that went into this race, as we do every year.  It's as fun to put the course together as it is to ride/race it.  Almost like a puzzle that has to slowly be assembled piece by piece, until you have something that resembles a cyclocross course.  Throw some tires down for barriers, lay down some cones, drag out some desks and BAM.  It's that easy.

Big thanks so far this season to our sponsors.  Taddihogg, Tallgrass and Urban Velo supplied all the prizes so far.  Tallgrass has also been very generous with the beers this season, so cheers to that!  Volker Bicycles has helped out as always, and we'd also like to welcome Kona Bikes to the sponsor roster.  Yeah!

Come win something neat at THE BURBS on this Saturday, February 23rd.  A checkpoint-style race that starts at The Broadway Cafe.  That's all you get right now.  Just in time for some nasty weather too!  Should be a slippery, cold, awful good time.  Put a wool sock on your ding dong if you have a ding dong.

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