Saturday, February 25, 2012

Street Cred First and Second

Casey Buta - 1st
Nate S.- 2nd 
thanks Tallgrass, thanks Volker bicycles, thanks chrome, thanks velocity, thanks to Michael Ellis for coming up with 17 of those checkpoints,  thanks to you for racing!
more to come....

Brain Eater tip

Manifests will be handed out when you arrive so you'll have time to plan your route. Bring something to write with.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Scores/Brain Eater tomorrow!

Casey  87
BK      80
Tracey 71
Josh     67
Nate     65
Jesse    65
Nick    56
Joe      55

These are your leaders after 3 weeks.  Anyone can win the coveted Chrome Jersey tomorrow.  If you are 1 minute late getting to the finish you will receive 0 points.  Plan your route carefully.

We will have prizes for the winners and other swag to give away.  Come out tomorrow and race, its gonna be a beautiful day.  It will take strong legs and brains to win this one.  Bring a pencil or pen. 5$

Don't get confused!
Broadway Cafe- 2:30 pm

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brain Eater

Oh, the horror! Only one stage left!  Anyone has a chance to win! (especially if your name is jesse, casey, josh, nate, tracey)  Some people may not show, who knows.  Come to Broadway cafe @ 2:30 to register.  Be ready to scour the city for multiple checkpoints ranging in point values.  And, be ready for the afterparty at Gilhouly's.  Please make some time to stay at the afterparty for a few beers.  Tallgrass reps will be there, we'll have tons of prizes and swag to give away.  Not to be missed.  Gilhouly's will have some beer specials, popcorn, pool tables, and the best jukebox in K.C.  If more than two girls show up I'll pay out 2 spots to women.  We've had 1 woman at every stage.  A semi-fast woman could've scooped an easy 80$ this month. So poor.  Bring a pen,pencil,camera,phone,cash,and your fast bike and get ready to tear it up all over K.C.  The farther you go the more pts you can collect. 
There will be a time limit. You will not want to miss it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ask and you shall receive...



short cut works BK lap 1

go suck an egg!

Nate snags 1 of maybe 3 successful beer handups

tinfoil eating champ

only 8 mins in!?

clothing optional

shortcut payed off  
double fisting it
kent knows how to show the sponsors love

You wanted photos, you got it!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Great race today, great weather, great turnout, fast bikes, lots of cadbury egg eating, beer hand ups (dropped), shortcuts taken. Most importantly fun had by all.  John Williams took the W thanks to his ability to eat a cadburry egg in 10 secs flat.  Keck gets bonus points for eating the tinfoil with his egg but his strategy feel flat as he was the last one to pit. Thanks to TallGrass!  Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to John Williams and PotPie for the great grub and cheap beer. Two things street cred peeps like.  Final stage next week. KIller after party, prizes from TallGrass. 
Some many checkpoints.....  A Can't Miss!!

Overall Standings

Round 2 was a little difficult to score but we've done our best and here are the results.  If you have a protest, call 1-800-GoF-urself.  We're doing our best here people and 16oz cans of tallgrass goodness only add to the welcome confusion. If you don't make every race you're not going to win so here's the standings for people who have made both stages. Three way tie for second! Rumor has it some of the top 5 won't be at every stage so it's anyones race!! Casey is hungry for the jersey but can he hold off old man Tracey? or defending champ Nate? or newbie Josh?  Come to E4th and Campbell today to find out!

Jesse 65
Nick 56
Tracey 56
Casey 56
BK 51
Josh 48
Nate 45
Joe 37
Chris 36
Kent 34
Bryce 32
Carl 32

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get your crit on, Get your crit on...

There will be a few things this weekend to make the race more interesting.  I hope you all like chocolate and beer.  AFTER PARTY AT POTPIE!! 3$ bowls of delcious food, 1$ PBR's!!
If you race and go to potpie you get your entry fee back!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Absolut Crit

Absolut Crit this weekend. 30 minutes of absolut hell. Bring your fast bike. 
After party at PotPie, not to be missed. Food and drink specials.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

bam! urBan X v four.0

can we send em up there?
i solemnly swear not to sue
bk leading up the climb
double nickel plus 2
buta ran a whole lap (bonus pts)
former champs know how to rep the sponsors

thanks tallgrass!

it wasn't me, i swear
Thanks to Chasm and Chris-Go for the awesome course, Thanks to Michael Ellis for bringing the beer. Thanks to TallGrass and Brian Duff for supplying the beer. Thanks to all who came out to race. Absolut Crit next weekend. Garret won the rims, bk second.  Scores soon.  Where the ladies at? Meatzorp walked away with cold, hard, cash! If you think you're pregnant, know you options! 
 more pics soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Scores/Urban Cross v 4.0 tomorrow!

Casey Buta       38
Jesse                 35
Tracey              30
Nick                 28
Josh                  26  (first mtb)
Philip                24 (weak for a former champ)
Lyles                22
Nate S.             21 (former champ? cmon!)
Chasm              20
Chris-Go          19
Kent                 18
Chris                17
Rudy                16
Alan                 16
Bryce               16
Burnsey           16
Vanessa           16  (ladies champ, altho she didn't finish, just sayin)
Karl                 16
Steve V.          16 (enigma)
Britton            16 (don't lose your manifest, bro)
Joe                  16
Bryce             16

Casey's got the chrome jersey but for how long?  Rumor has it Jesse is a peep eating, beer drinkin madman!  There will be peeps, there will be beer, there will be time bonuses, there will be syringes, there will be garbage, there will be rabies!  Get vaccinated tonight before hitting the west bottoms @ 2:30 to race Urban Cross v4.0! Dress Warm!

Oh, and then go race this!  the Howling

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Urban Cross v 4.0


Here are the cold, hard, sexy facts:

-West bottoms.  The flyer says meet at Hickory and St. Louis, but this may change.  If it does change, we will announce it.  Be there early if you want to pre-ride the course and pour beer down your pants.
-Any bike will do.  Terrain will include street, sidewalks, loading docks, gravel, shards of glass, etc, etc.  Tough tires and extra tubes are probably a good idea.
-Start practicing your hand-ups, hand-downs, and hand-overs.  Impress the beer judges and you will be rewarded handsomely.
-If you are fast, then you might come across the finish line first.  Good for you!  The person that finished 7 minutes behind you just beat you, because he/she ate more peeps than you.  So pay attention to bonus points and when they can be obtained, because they matter.
-There will be garbage.
-ChrisGo doesn't like you.  He thinks you are smug, and he does NOT like the cut of your jib.  ChrisGo wants you to suffer, and he wants you to suffer needlessly.

2:30 on Saturday.  Be there or be Adam Keck.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tough Guys and Gal

17 tough guys and 1 tough gal came out to race today.  We had perfect street cred weather. Buta won. Vanessa won the women's handily. Where the ladies at KC? She walked away with cold hard cash!
Full results soon.

 Almost everyone got this answer wrong.  What's the name on the building? Read yo manifest, streetcred
Urban Cross Next weekend, run by this guy. Prepare for everything.
Start point may change.
Check back for updates.