Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Urban Cross v 4.0


Here are the cold, hard, sexy facts:

-West bottoms.  The flyer says meet at Hickory and St. Louis, but this may change.  If it does change, we will announce it.  Be there early if you want to pre-ride the course and pour beer down your pants.
-Any bike will do.  Terrain will include street, sidewalks, loading docks, gravel, shards of glass, etc, etc.  Tough tires and extra tubes are probably a good idea.
-Start practicing your hand-ups, hand-downs, and hand-overs.  Impress the beer judges and you will be rewarded handsomely.
-If you are fast, then you might come across the finish line first.  Good for you!  The person that finished 7 minutes behind you just beat you, because he/she ate more peeps than you.  So pay attention to bonus points and when they can be obtained, because they matter.
-There will be garbage.
-ChrisGo doesn't like you.  He thinks you are smug, and he does NOT like the cut of your jib.  ChrisGo wants you to suffer, and he wants you to suffer needlessly.

2:30 on Saturday.  Be there or be Adam Keck.


  1. I'm a world class Peep eater so watch out!

  2. Check out the big brain on Brad!