Saturday, February 11, 2012

bam! urBan X v four.0

can we send em up there?
i solemnly swear not to sue
bk leading up the climb
double nickel plus 2
buta ran a whole lap (bonus pts)
former champs know how to rep the sponsors

thanks tallgrass!

it wasn't me, i swear
Thanks to Chasm and Chris-Go for the awesome course, Thanks to Michael Ellis for bringing the beer. Thanks to TallGrass and Brian Duff for supplying the beer. Thanks to all who came out to race. Absolut Crit next weekend. Garret won the rims, bk second.  Scores soon.  Where the ladies at? Meatzorp walked away with cold, hard, cash! If you think you're pregnant, know you options! 
 more pics soon.

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