Friday, February 3, 2012

Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail

Street Cred will go on! Inclement weather is what street cred is all about.  With luck, it'll start snowing right at race time tomorrow.  There will be peeps, boones, prizes, CASH prizes for women, a leaders jersey. A keg of beer (Thanks, TallGrass).  If that doesn't get you out to race then we don't want you. If you want to win that coveted Chrome jersey you best be at Volker bicycles on 18th street tomorrow by 2:30pm. We've got sweet prizes for every stage. There will be stairs to traverse. Keep that in mind when planning your footware. See you all on the sloppy streets tomorrow! 

Urban Cross next week. Not to be missed.


  1. 5 bucks to race and/or drink!

  2. thanks for share..

  3. Is this a road race? Distance? Sounds like fun if I know what I'm preparing for! Thanks!