Friday, February 10, 2012

Scores/Urban Cross v 4.0 tomorrow!

Casey Buta       38
Jesse                 35
Tracey              30
Nick                 28
Josh                  26  (first mtb)
Philip                24 (weak for a former champ)
Lyles                22
Nate S.             21 (former champ? cmon!)
Chasm              20
Chris-Go          19
Kent                 18
Chris                17
Rudy                16
Alan                 16
Bryce               16
Burnsey           16
Vanessa           16  (ladies champ, altho she didn't finish, just sayin)
Karl                 16
Steve V.          16 (enigma)
Britton            16 (don't lose your manifest, bro)
Joe                  16
Bryce             16

Casey's got the chrome jersey but for how long?  Rumor has it Jesse is a peep eating, beer drinkin madman!  There will be peeps, there will be beer, there will be time bonuses, there will be syringes, there will be garbage, there will be rabies!  Get vaccinated tonight before hitting the west bottoms @ 2:30 to race Urban Cross v4.0! Dress Warm!

Oh, and then go race this!  the Howling

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