Saturday, February 18, 2012

Overall Standings

Round 2 was a little difficult to score but we've done our best and here are the results.  If you have a protest, call 1-800-GoF-urself.  We're doing our best here people and 16oz cans of tallgrass goodness only add to the welcome confusion. If you don't make every race you're not going to win so here's the standings for people who have made both stages. Three way tie for second! Rumor has it some of the top 5 won't be at every stage so it's anyones race!! Casey is hungry for the jersey but can he hold off old man Tracey? or defending champ Nate? or newbie Josh?  Come to E4th and Campbell today to find out!

Jesse 65
Nick 56
Tracey 56
Casey 56
BK 51
Josh 48
Nate 45
Joe 37
Chris 36
Kent 34
Bryce 32
Carl 32

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