Monday, February 23, 2015

Done. Thanks.

Round 4 and Street Cred 9 as a whole is a wrap.  Harley took the overall win.  2nd place was Nate.  3rd place was maybe Peter Quick?  Probably would have been White Mike if he decided to race.


CHROME - Here's a company that sponsors some of the largest and most well-known underground race series in the nation, and for some reason they decide to sponsor our race too.  This year they threw us 5 different messenger bags and backpacks, as well as a handful of other prizes.  They have been our most generous sponsor over the years and always have been a joy to work with.

VELO+ - Our cycling homies from Lenexa.  When I approached Vincent to inquire about sponsorship, he had a huge box of components, gloves, accessories and a SHIT load of coffee ready for me within minutes.  These dudes have always supported our shenanigans.  Go check out their shop if you haven't yet, go geek out on bikes while drinking some of that sweet, sweet MAPS coffee.

ANDREW THE MAKER - He donated three of his handlebar bags as prizes.  If i was a slightly less honest person, I would have totally kept one for myself because they are sweet.  Always rad to get some handmade shit to give out, let alone KC-based handmade shit.  Holler at this dude if you're looking for some super cool framebags for your bikepacking rig AKA touring bike.

TADDIHOGG - Thad makes us feel really uncomfortable most of the time with his bad touches, but he also runs the #capsnothats game in Kansas City.  He donated 6 hats that I drunkenly gave away to racers within minutes of receiving them.  I should have made them last all series.  I'm sorry Thad.  I love you.

ODDITY CYCLES - Donated a Thudbuster seatpost that was given away at the final race.  Learn this name because something tells me you'll be tripping over them at the local trails in about a year or so.  He's out in Ft Collins making some ridiculous frames and components.

PETE BARTH - This dude showed up a few years ago with a high end camera and a good eye for action shots, and he's been coming back ever since.  He is our official photographer that we don't pay.  Pete, we owe you some beers.  Your photos have helped us spread the word of Street Cred immensely.

TOPEKA/MANHATTAN DUDES - Why you guys think our races are worth the drive is beyond me.  But we are so glad you came out to ALL of them, and are welcome back to KC any time to ride and party with us.

MARK THOMAS - Mark lets us use his cones every year for Urban Cross.  Seems like a small thing, but the race wouldnt happen without his generosity.  Sorry that they were returned a bit muddier this year.  I blame the cops and their cone-stacking skills for that.

EVERYONE ELSE - If you came out, raced, helped out with a start/finish, heckled, just watched, drank beer with us, you are awesome.  You make this race happen and you make it fun.  Dare I say that this year was the best one yet?  Come back next year, bring even more friends.

That about sums it up.  Next year will be a decade of Street Cred.  There may be some torch passing next year.  Interested in the acceptance of said torch?  Let us know.

In the words of the retired ultra-dad Adam Keck, "LONG LIVE STREET CRED."

Friday, February 20, 2015

Results - Standard Ass Alleycat

final round is tomorrow
feels like a fender day
scores are close
harley in first
bring a phone or a polaroid camera
register at 2 ish, race at 220ish


Monday, February 16, 2015

Final Round - Standard Ass Alleycat

who - you.

what - bike race.  5 or 6 checkpoints scattered across the city.  a volunteer will sign your spoke card and confirm that you were at their checkpoint.  visit all checkpoints and proceed to finish.

when - this upcoming saturday.  february 21st.  2pm sign in, 2:30pm race start

where - mulkey square park.  next to the FBI building on the west side.

why - because youre growing pot tits.

price - free.

what bike - any bike.

prizes - from chrome industries, velo+, maps coffee, oddity cycles, and more.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Urban Cross

yesterday had red bull girls
a tunnel
teetor totter
and KCMO's finest helping with corner marshaling and course clean up

thanks to everyone who showed up

big thanks to Pete Barth for taking pictures!

Next Race Feb. 21
details tbd

Friday, January 30, 2015


its tight at the top, showing up has its rewards
its anybody's game
rain or shine tomorrow
meet around 2pm edge of hell race at 230

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Round 2 Recap & Urban Cross

The Kaw Point CycloCritCrossTerium was super cool.  Here's a video by ChrisGo:


1st place - Britton - he won a Chrome bag.  He is also no longer eligible for any more prizes or podium places until he tells me where the god damn fork is from.  Where'd you get the fork from, man?  Fuck you.
2nd place - Zach - he won a ATM handlebar bag and some MAPS coffee.
3rd place - Pot Pie John - he also won a handlebar bag from ATM.
4th place - Josh - we think he won some socks from 8 Lumens.
5th place - Alan - won some winter gloves from Velo+.
DFL - Micah - was probably gonna beat Britton if he didn't flat.  He "won" some old shitty aerobars.  You know, for intervals.

Overall standings to come in the next few days.

Urban Cross is on Saturday.  The temperature is going to drop and there is a chance of freezing rain.  Couldn't be more pleased with that.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Scores/Race Tomorrow


Race Tomorrow

Register @ 2pm
Race @ 2:30

Kaw Point CycloCritCrossterium


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Street Cred 9 - Round 1 Recap

Round 1 was Sunday.  13 degrees with 20mph winds, but the roads were in overall good condition and the sun shining did help a bit with the freezing temps.  20 or so racers got off their warm, cozy asses to brave the cold, which exceeded our expectations.

Six hills total, all located around the Rosedale/Roanoke/SW Blvd area of KCKS and KCMO.  Lots of gnarly hills in that area and the perfect location for a hill race.  Less time riding to each hill and more time to actually race and drink mystery booze.

Britton, owner of Volker Bicycles and local weight weenie, took the win.  Dude is extra fast and dominated all hills, earning his yams and a bag of coffee from MAPS.  He would have won a Chrome messenger bag too, but either he didn't want it or we were mad at him for not being at the bar on time.

Paul took 2nd place and won a Chrome messenger bag.  Harley took third on his single speed dirt jump Kona and won a ATM handlebar bag and more MAPS coffee.  White Mike somehow took 4th on a chinese titanium Fargo and won some blinky gloves and a bell that we immediately regret giving to him.  And then a bunch of people got some sweet Taddihogg hats that smell of Thad.

Everyone gets points for just showing up to this race.  Those points accumulate and the overall winner at the end of the series will win something awesome.  So just showing up to all 4 races means youll have more points than someone who won two races and bailed on the other two.

Thanks to all of our sponsors.  Thanks to Pete for coming out and taking awesome pictures, you can download all the photos for free BY CLICKING HERE.  Thanks to ChrisGo and Nate S. for helping out with checkpoints.  Thanks to all of our racers!  And thanks to Jones for not bailing early.

Next race is The Kaw Point CycloCritCrossTerium on Saturday, January 17th.  Flyer and details coming soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Street Cred Today!

If you bear the bitter cold today you will be rewarded!  Great prizes to give away today.
Meet at the Rosedale Arch at 2, roll out at 2:30 SHARP.  It'll be cold as balls so we won't be dawdling.