Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Round 2 Recap & Urban Cross

The Kaw Point CycloCritCrossTerium was super cool.  Here's a video by ChrisGo:


1st place - Britton - he won a Chrome bag.  He is also no longer eligible for any more prizes or podium places until he tells me where the god damn fork is from.  Where'd you get the fork from, man?  Fuck you.
2nd place - Zach - he won a ATM handlebar bag and some MAPS coffee.
3rd place - Pot Pie John - he also won a handlebar bag from ATM.
4th place - Josh - we think he won some socks from 8 Lumens.
5th place - Alan - won some winter gloves from Velo+.
DFL - Micah - was probably gonna beat Britton if he didn't flat.  He "won" some old shitty aerobars.  You know, for intervals.

Overall standings to come in the next few days.

Urban Cross is on Saturday.  The temperature is going to drop and there is a chance of freezing rain.  Couldn't be more pleased with that.

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