Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Street Cred 9 - Round 1 Recap

Round 1 was Sunday.  13 degrees with 20mph winds, but the roads were in overall good condition and the sun shining did help a bit with the freezing temps.  20 or so racers got off their warm, cozy asses to brave the cold, which exceeded our expectations.

Six hills total, all located around the Rosedale/Roanoke/SW Blvd area of KCKS and KCMO.  Lots of gnarly hills in that area and the perfect location for a hill race.  Less time riding to each hill and more time to actually race and drink mystery booze.

Britton, owner of Volker Bicycles and local weight weenie, took the win.  Dude is extra fast and dominated all hills, earning his yams and a bag of coffee from MAPS.  He would have won a Chrome messenger bag too, but either he didn't want it or we were mad at him for not being at the bar on time.

Paul took 2nd place and won a Chrome messenger bag.  Harley took third on his single speed dirt jump Kona and won a ATM handlebar bag and more MAPS coffee.  White Mike somehow took 4th on a chinese titanium Fargo and won some blinky gloves and a bell that we immediately regret giving to him.  And then a bunch of people got some sweet Taddihogg hats that smell of Thad.

Everyone gets points for just showing up to this race.  Those points accumulate and the overall winner at the end of the series will win something awesome.  So just showing up to all 4 races means youll have more points than someone who won two races and bailed on the other two.

Thanks to all of our sponsors.  Thanks to Pete for coming out and taking awesome pictures, you can download all the photos for free BY CLICKING HERE.  Thanks to ChrisGo and Nate S. for helping out with checkpoints.  Thanks to all of our racers!  And thanks to Jones for not bailing early.

Next race is The Kaw Point CycloCritCrossTerium on Saturday, January 17th.  Flyer and details coming soon.

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