Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brain Eater

Oh, the horror! Only one stage left!  Anyone has a chance to win! (especially if your name is jesse, casey, josh, nate, tracey)  Some people may not show, who knows.  Come to Broadway cafe @ 2:30 to register.  Be ready to scour the city for multiple checkpoints ranging in point values.  And, be ready for the afterparty at Gilhouly's.  Please make some time to stay at the afterparty for a few beers.  Tallgrass reps will be there, we'll have tons of prizes and swag to give away.  Not to be missed.  Gilhouly's will have some beer specials, popcorn, pool tables, and the best jukebox in K.C.  If more than two girls show up I'll pay out 2 spots to women.  We've had 1 woman at every stage.  A semi-fast woman could've scooped an easy 80$ this month. So poor.  Bring a pen,pencil,camera,phone,cash,and your fast bike and get ready to tear it up all over K.C.  The farther you go the more pts you can collect. 
There will be a time limit. You will not want to miss it.

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