Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Round 2 Recap and Urban Cross

Round 2 went swimmingly.  Six of the gnarliest hills in the Midtown/Downtown/SW Blvd area and all were crushed.  Some brought their carbon road bikes, some their track bikes, a few mountain bikes, and of course, due to the Biebermania that's sweeping through the cycling world, a god damn fat bike.  All did well, very few walked, no one went backwards.  Cheers all around!

Zack took the win on his Bianchi Super Pista with a very hill-unfriendly street gearing and did it with aplomb.  Honestly, there were a few hills where I doubted that he'd even be able to get UP the hill at all, let alone win the heat.  So kudos to you, sir, you earned the Taddihogg hat and the first slag off the Pink Boone's Farm.  And EVERYONE got a free coozie and some sweet stickers care of the dudes from Urban Velo.  Thanks to our sponsors, you guys are AOK.

We'll be posting up current scorings and standings soon.  You have 15 minutes to challenge these standings, and that 15 minutes are already up.  Deal with it, keeping track of this shit is hard work for idiots.

Enough with the hill bullshit!  This weekend is Urban Cross.  Want a recap on Urban Crosses of yesteryear?  Check out AK's blogpost about everything Street Cred, it does a fine job of recapping previous years.  Meeting point will be at the Macabre Cinema in the West Bottoms, and we'll group ride from their to the "course".

So see you sweethearts on Saturday.  When it will be 40 and sunny.  This "winter" series is a god damn lie!

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