Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sorry, We've been slacking

We at streetcred h.q. have been slacking lately, maybe its a cx worlds hangover but anyway, the fog is starting to lift and we should have our act together for Saturday's stage.  We only have to be there to show you what hill to go up while you have to go up said hill as fast as possible.  This is a hilly city, the possibilities are endless, and some of the hills are endless. Kids on fixies, bring your running shoes.
A big thank you to Michael Ellis for running stage 1 while the rest of us were drinking with belgians.
this guy won. he's out to get that chrome jersey this year, even if it is a little tight.
See you on Saturday KC, bring your fast legs and your strong livers, you'll need 'em both. 
Thanks to Tallgrass for supplying the much needed halycon wheat in the new pint can! And thanks to Volker bicycles and taddihogg for hosting and sponsoring. Full stage 1 recap soon. 


  1. challenge has an N, on the flyer, there's no N

  2. Screw the letter n, boo n, boo n