Friday, January 25, 2013

ROUND 1 - Scavengers - February 2nd

The first round of the Street Cred 2013 series is just around the corner and the weather is looking disgustingly pleasant, highs between 40 and 50, and sunny.  Lame!  You might be able to finish this race without a long, half-frozen stripe of mud water up your backside, and that bores us to tears.

Starting from Volker Bicycles at 18th and Wyandotte, this race will be a "scavenger hunt", for a lack of better terms.  There will be a 2 hour cutoff from start to finish, which should be doable for even novice riders.  Specific rules and bonus point opportunities will be announced at the start of the race.  Riders will need a pen/pencil to record info.  All types of bikes are welcome.  Helmets strongly encouraged, but you're an adult, so whatever.

Ride ends at Grinders Pizza for beers, food and hugs.  This race is FREE, as are all other Street Cred 2013 races.

Big ups to our sponsors for this series:  Taddihogg Ass Hats, Tallgrass Brewing Company, Volker Bicycles and Urban Velo.  This race would have totally happened without you, but would have been fucking terrible.

Ask questions if you have them and they aren't dumb.  See you February 2nd!

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