Thursday, February 17, 2011

Get your crit on!

Get your Crit on! This Saturday we'll race around in circles for 25+ minutes to decide who is the fastest crit rider in town. 5 bones. Bring your fast bike, your sleekest, sexiest outfit and lets get the true crit on! Will David J keep the jersey?  Will random debris eliminate a G.C. contender? Come to E 4th and Campbell in Little Italy to find out. After party at Pot Pie.   
1$ PBR's 5$pies! You know you want to... 


  1. The date on the flyer says the 19th and you said "this Sunday". Which one is it?

  2. Thank you vigilant viewer! Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, in little italy, italy, italy, if you can't make it you better be dead or in jail and if you're in jail, break out!