Monday, January 20, 2014

Urban Cross - Details

Sunday, January 26th.  2:00PM.


While we would love to have an A and a B race, we usually run just one big heat.  This ensures that the course stays unaffected and everyone gets an opportunity to race.  Race will last between 30 and 40 minutes.  The course is usually about a mile long, and will consist of road, parking lots, loading docks, alleyways and more.  You'll be riding over lots of debris, so bring extra tubes!

Ride at your own risk.  Not a closed course so watch for cars!  And even though its supposed to be downright balmy on Sunday, shaded areas still have a lot of ice so beware of that.


Free to race.  Free to spectate.


Cross bikes are best.  Mountain bikes are second best.  All bikes are acceptable, except for whatever Dan shows up on.


The twisty slide that I thought was Macabre Cinema, but it's actually the Edge of Hell?  Either way, big twisty slide off of the 12th street bridge in the West Bottoms.  You can't miss it.  This may not be the actual start of the race, as we may group ride to the start after everyone shows up.

If you aren't familiar with the area we are racing, do some god damn research!  Any dipshit with a library card can use Google Maps, so educate yourself.


First place men and first place women get something.  DFL gets a shitty bike part from our parts bin.  First place overall gets a Boone's Farm, flavor/color TBD.


Also TBD.  Maybe Harry's Country Club.  Maybe the Caddy Shack.  Maybe the parking lot where we started.  We'll take a vote.


  1. you dont get to vote until i see your ass at the race!